• Please check with the school office for the colour/shade of uniforms.
  • UNIFORMS: On school days, at school functions, in all officials representations and visits the students should wear the school uniforms.
  • On Birthdays the students may wear casuals but should be decently dressed.
  • Students who come to school without proper uniform must bring a note of excuse from parents or guardians, otherwise, they will be sent home and the school disclaims all responsibility.
  • The School uniform is obligatory for daily classes and school functions.
  • In winter, the students may, if they wish to wear extra clothes under their uniform but in no case, should they be visible. During winter, the school jacket is compulsory. No other jackets or cardigans are allowed. Any item worn, which is not relevant to the uniform, will be confiscated.
  • The sports uniform must be worn on Saturday except on evaluation days.
  • On Schooldays no jewellery is permitted except small studs or ear-rings worn whatsoever will be permitted. No multiple piercing of the earlobes should be done while the girl is studying in the school.
  • No gold chains, finger rings or bangles whatsoever will be allowed.
  • The students are strictly directed not to keep long nails or polish them with paint/enamel.
  • They are strictly forbidden from dying their hair with synthetic hair colour or any other dye or henna whatsoever.
  • No student shall ever come to the school with any sort of hand decorations /tattoos or henna.
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