Notice for parents

"We Expect The Parents"

  • To maintain regular contact with the school.
  • To check school diary everyday and sign the teachers remarks, if any.
  • To encourage the child in the habit of neatness.
  • To send leave application and get prior sanction.
  • To report the child’s absence due to illness or infectious disease at once and send him/her to school, only after recovery from illness.
  • To encourage the child to speak in English at home.
  • To be regular in payment of fees at the prescribed time.
  • To have immediate response and action if any phone call is made from school.
  • Not to take the child home during the school hour.
  • Not to send the child school when he/she is suffering from any disease / infection.
  • Not to meet the teachers during the school hours directly without prior permission from the Principal. Finally to cooperate with us to get the best from the school.
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