Fee Rules and Regulation

  1. Fees once paid are not transferable/adjustable or refundable under any circumstance.
  2. School fees will be accepted in the Axis Bank, Balotra (for online payment: https://stpaulschoolbalotra.org/fee-portal/). Fees to be paid from the 5th to 20th of the Billing Months (April, July, October & January). After the due date fees will be collected with late fees.

    The late fee calculation is – Rs. 100 per month after that installment-month (Eg. If due fee belongs to Installment – I then Rs. 100/- [21st April to 30th May], Rs. 200/- [01st June to 30th June].  Similarly every month increment of Rs. +100 as late fee.

  3. Bank charges will be charged extra if any required.
  4. Advance payment of fees will be accepted.
  5. If the last day of payment of fees (20th) happens to be a holiday or Sunday the fees should be paid on the previous day itself.
  6. If Fee-cheque is dishonored due to any reason, Bounce Charges @ Rs. 200/- per cheque shall be charged and the new cheque, with the latest Late Fee charges added, shall be payable at the Bank.
  7. The school prefers the fee collection only through online mode. If some parents would like to pay the fees by cash or cheque, contact Axis Bank, Branch – Balotra (Rajasthan).
  8. The Fee Information slip must be kept safely with the guardians as it may be required at any time during the session to check any error made in the entries.
  9. All outstanding dues must be paid in the month of January by the 20th itself failing which the student may not be allowed to appear in the Examination.
  10. School management reserves the right to modify the fees from time to time.
  11. Parents should expect a hike of 9% to 12% in the annual fees in each respective class every year.
  12. Transport Fees, (if opted for) will be payable installment wise only.
  13. Transport facility if availed by the parent for their ward shall be withdrawn in case fees are not paid within the due period.
  14. Those seeking admission in the mid-session shall have to pay the fees from the beginning of the session itself.
  15. If Admission is canceled in the midterm, No Dues Certificate and Leaving Certificate will be issued only after clearance of the fees for the whole year at the end of the academic year.
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